S.G Williams is a South Florida based artist whose recent works are an examination of realism, diversity, and open minded within the social and technological constructs. 

With portraits sporting meaningful expressions, and celebrity views that both grasp and bring the piece into the viewers eyes.  His hyperrealistic drawings examine how value is established when addressing male and female images in society, looking at the platforms that shape it, and how this becomes part of a fixed composition.


Basically a self taught artist from an early age ,with the love of comic books and comic strips, S.G Williams started to make his way into the art field. Studied at the Art Institute of FT. Lauderdale to pursue a career as an Art Director in advertising, his love and passion has always been in the freelance arts and pop culture. With various skills in oils,watercolour, acrylics, airbrush,graphite and charcoal... We shall see which road of this amazing journey takes him next!